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Ergonomics is next to the aesthetic one of the most important points which we should be guided by selecting a chair or office chair. Daily, even two hours work in a seated position has a significant impact on our health. The consequence of faulty postures are back pain, shoulder and neck pain, headaches, difficulty concentrating and even eyes


Here are some key features ergonomic posture:


a) Support the forearms on the armrests, reduces back strain and barges. The armrests on the set of properly provide a 90 degree angle between the arm and forearm. If you work in a sitting position more than 4 hours per day decides to chair with adjustable armrests. Models that are height adjustable armrests are eg: Futura 3, Futura 4, Smart R, Offix R Intrata 0 12 R20N,

b) It is important to properly adjust the seat height. The feet should rest firmly on the ground and at ease and will have to be parallel to the floor and create her slightly open angle (between 90 and 115 degrees). In principle, all available in our store models and beauty department office are equipped with seat height adjustment functions.

c) Adequate seat depth is also an important element. The seat should not hurt us in the knee. The minimum depth of the seat should therefore be greater than the length of our lower leg. Among the models that have the seat depth adjustment and elsewhere have adjustable armrests can Futura family, family IOO, family Ergohuman, Intrata chairs, chairs Playa,


d) Chair, which would you buy should have a height adjustment and adjustable backrest lumbar support. In modern times, however, is the function of most models available on the market. The minimum height of the backrest should provide support blades. Ideally, your chair back had a profile that provides adequate lumbar support.



e) The last of the important elements is the angle of the backrest. It should provide constant contact with our backs, providing them with adequate support. On the market there are two types of mechanisms of movement, such that automatically adjust the angle of the backrest (Active -1 mechanism, Contacts, Synchro) and those in which you adjust the angle knob (CPT mechanism).


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