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Product code: EPBSKMD30

Product description:

Ergohuman Plus BS KMD30

Ergohuman is a family of ergonomic office chairs are equipped with a full range of ergonomic features and a number of innovative solutions available for many years in the international markets


PLUS version in the name of the chair are:

- Joystick control the basic functions of the seat, known already available in our series of ioo

- Indestructible, polished aluminum base Running,

- Armrest Full-regulation in 4 levels


This version BS KMD30  represents the GREY color of the MESH backrest and seat cushions.


Used on the back and seat on the outer part grid MESH has a layer of fabric so that it is:

- Pleasant to touch and use,

- Extremely durable and resistant to stretching even with frequent and long use,

- Is resistant to abrasion (resistance greater than 100 000 cycles)

- Perfectly fits the shape of the user's back,

- Provides free air circulation


And upholstered seat is a nice touch, breathable fabric with high resistance to abrasion


The use of fabric on the seat is extremely durable and comfortable solution


Properly molded foam seat provides excellent comfort even with long hours of work


We also offer you the Ergohuman Plus chair in gray (KMD30) and blue (KMD35) and green (KMD34)


Ergohuman Plus family of distinguished innovative control system, in which many of the features brought to the joystick, which we refer to in the following description seat


Seat is equipped with a Synchro mechanism, which allows the total swing back and seat with lock in position


Support the movement is faster and sharper than the movement of the seat. Activation of joystick movement make shift back and lock the selected shift position joystick to the starting position


Strength of the resistance of the backrest inclination is adjustable allowing you to customize it to the user's weight


If the synchronous movement of the seat and back is turned, chair mimics the movement of the user and provide him with constant back support and head along the entire length


Wide, high headboard provides adequate head support while working and in moments of relaxation


Headrest is height and angle adjustments position the overlay that allows you to adjust its position to increase user


Ergohuman gives you the ability to set a fixed position headrest. The model is often comparable to ioo the headrest is flexible


An important function of the chair is mobile and independent part of the lumbar support that responds to the movements of the user in the chair to provide adequate support for the back and spine. Loin is an independent part of the back, which is approximately 1/3 of its height


The range of motion is less lumbar support (requires more power back user) than in the family ioo


The entire back of the seat and is equipped with a height adjustment, which is possible without getting up from a chair. By adjusting the height of the back, adjust the height of the flexible lumbar support. The backrest can be locked at 4 different heights


Ergohuman chair seat comes as standard with seat depth adjustment. This is an important feature that allows you to adjust the length of the seat to the height of the user


The desired depth (length) of the seat set joystick to move forward. Adequate seat depth adjustment will take full advantage of the functions of the backrest and seat


Seat also features a height adjustable seat. Joystick movement to raise the seat up, and the movement of joystick leave the seat down


An important element of the chair are armrests which are adjustable in all directions. The first is the amount of available adjustable armrests


The heigh function. allows ergonomic positioning the forearm (90 degrees to the body), which significantly relieves the back muscles during long hours of work


The armrests are also equipped to adjust the distance from the seat, allowing them to adapt to the user's height and build


Adjust the length and angle of the armrest supports the position of the overlay typing (overlay alignment to the center) or getting up from the chair (positioning overlays to outside


Aluminum, polished to chrome color running base Running is an extremely durable and trouble-free (no weldments)


Chair comes with a soft wheels, limiting the use of hard surfaces (parquet, panels, tiles)


In our offer you can find also included Ergohuman chair with adjustable folding desktop for a laptop, which makes the seat complete job


The chair can also scoff at the practical footrest leg


Plus Ergohuman chairs are robustness and Safety Certificate issued by the PUR Use "Remodex" Plant Research and Implementation Furniture Industry


Dimensions of the model:


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