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Product code: baa

Product description:

Bench Amigo arm 2,3,4,5



Benches ranch  to waiting rooms with a resistible construction  and an outstanding design.

There are available 2,3,4 and 5-seater benches.

All- seater  versions are included in the price list.

The seat  is made of resistible plastic, shaped, with anti-slipping protection in many colours.

The bench is based on metal framework available in two colours of your choice – alu ( light gray) and black.

Both the right and left-hand external side of the bench is finished with an armset  with a plastic covering in the colour chosen for  the  seats.

On our offer you will also find the single chairs from amigo range, which are a perfect supplement  to the benches.

The bench will be always delivered to the indicated address  FREE OF CHARGE  in the whole country.

The product has two-year warranty period which  is provided, for your full comfort, in door to door service,  in case of any possible fault the repair is made by the service person in the place where the chairs are used.**

Bench dimensions of particular versions.




                                           PRICE LIST




                            NAME                                                                   MATERIAL –PLASTIC AMIGO

Amigo Arm  - 2 black

                          2197 NOK

Amigo Arm – 2 alu

                          2357 NOK

Amigo Arm – 3 black

                          2490 NOK

Amigo Arm – 3 alu

                          2554 NOK

Amigo Arm  - 4 black

                          2798 NOK

Amigo Arm – 4 alu

                          2870 NOK

Amigo Amr – 5 black

                          3267 NOK

Amigo Arm – 5 alu

                          3363 NOK


* Priser inkl.  MVA

*alu-   metal farmework in light gray colour;

*black – metal framework in black colour;

** repair only in  Oslo, Asker, Bærum, Drammen;

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